deux gars et deux bières - Blagues

deux gars et deux bières

couple leaves the highway to reach a rest area. The young man wanted to take a break and enters a cafeteria with his darling called Marie.

The man says:

– Sit down my love, I’ll get two beers for us.

Then he walks over to the counter. During this moment, a strong guy approaches the beautiful lady and says to her:

– You, I’ll fill your pussy with beer, then I’ll lap it up to the last drop.

And the big guy is leaving. When the husband returns with the beers in his two hands, agitated, the wife says to him:

– Honey, do you see the guy in the back? He told me he was going to fill my pussy with beer. Then he would lap her up until the last drop.

Impressed by the size of the type, the husband replies calmly:

– Don’t worry Mary. You know very well my dear that I would never fight with a guy who drinks that much beer.