Marc et Michel voyageaient en - Blagues

Marc et Michel voyageaient en

Marc and Michel were traveling by boat, but were hit by a violent storm, which did not spare their boat. The two accomplices then find themselves stranded on an island

filled with cannibalistic natives.

The inhabitants of the island captured the two travelers and locked them in a hut,

carefully bound. The chef then comes to visit Marc and Michel and says to them:

– I offer you a challenge. If you succeed, you gain your freedom, a new boat and your

life. On the other hand, if you fail, you will be executed and then eaten.

Both men agreed.

-First, go get 100 fruits of the same species on the island, then come back. Don’t try to

hide on the island, the crocodiles will quickly tear you to pieces. And don’t try to swim away, these waters are infested with piranhas.

The two men looked for their fruits each on their side. Marc came back first with 100 raspberries. The chief then said to him, after having counted them:

-Shove these 100 raspberries in your anus without laughing, and you can go home.

Marc then begins without flinching, one raspberry at a time, thus up to 99 raspberries where he explodes with laughter. Marc is then executed.

At the gates of paradise, God asks him, “But… why did you laugh? You were so close!”

Marc then replied, still laughing uncontrollably:

– Oh, but it’s not my fault! You would have seen Michel come back with 100 coconuts!